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Texas Safety Foundation, Inc. (TSF) was created as a division of the Texas Safety Association on Sept. 18, 1964; it was incorporated as a separate, 501(c)(3) nonprofit on Feb. 22, 1966.

The Foundation is managed by a board of trustees. Current TSF trustees are:

Eddie Greer - Chairman

Ron Sokol - Vice Chair

Betty Lawson - Secretary/Treasurer

Burk Shaw - Board Member

Cindy Lewis - Board Member

John Hodges - Board Member

Luis Aguilar - Board Member

Rob Hunt - Board Member

Steve Halliburton - Board Member

Steven Gray - Board Member

Mission Statement

TSF was established for the encouragement and support of safety and health education and research within the State of Texas. The Foundation has funded many worthy projects, persons and programs, such as the Texas Youth Safety Program, The National Safe Kids Campaign, and safety-related portions of Texas's 4-H competition. Additionally, the Foundation has annually funded scholarships for students participating in associate degree programs at Texas Colleges, as well as post-graduate studies (masters and doctoral) in safety-related fields at Texas Universities.

The Foundation's board of trustees continues to seek participation in its scholarship program by other Texas colleges and universities that offer safety and health-related programs.


Texas Safety Foundation funds are obtained through "in memoriam" gifts and sponsorships, as well as net proceeds from the Foundation's annual golf tournament.

Asset Management

The Foundation invests its funds in fully secure, FDIC-insured certificates of deposit.

The financial policy and ultimate goal of the board of trustees for the Foundation's fund is to limit spending to an amount no greater than the fund's investment income, plus some income from the Foundation's fund-raising events of the current year. This policy insures future growth of the Foundation's fund.

Mailing address:
2806 Aurora
Horseshoe Bay, TX 77657

Current Events

A note from Betty Lawson: